Production and Living Amenities

Release date: 2020-09-29 14:05 Source: Xi'an International Land Port Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd.

ITL Group is responsible for the construction of infrastructure and supporting facilities for living in the park to enhance the functions of the supporting facilities for production and living and promote the comprehensive development of culture and sports in the park.

1. Industrial and commercial facilities

ITL Group has invested to build more than 200,000 square metersof office assets and nearly 300,000 square meters of commercial projects, including Xi'an Port Entrepreneurship Base, Inland Port Mansion, ITL Bonded Building, Xi'an Port Ganghang Building, Shaanxi Free Trade Zone LENPO Cross-Border Shopping Center, Xi'an Port Imported Wine Trading Base, N·BOX, and ITL Sunshine Station — all of which have entered operations — as well as the Xi'an Port International Purchasing Center under construction.

2. Living, culture and sports facilities

ITL Group has also delivered real estate projects such as ITL Beach, ITL Bay, ITL Peace Bay, and Dream Community, independently operates Yugang Wharf, Zheli, Harbour Western Restaurant, Gangxiaoyu, and other restaurant brands, runs eight link2 convenience stores, three branded cafes, and offers educational (EduGlobal), housekeeping and old-age care (ITL Golden Garden Nursing Center) services. It has also invested to build N·BOX and ITL Sports Park, as well as supporting projects such as the first batch of brand hotels (ITL Holiday Inn Express and Atour Hotel). A number of projects have been signed and implemented including ITL Healthcare Center and the Belt and Road Demonstration Zone for International Commercial Legal Services (BRD-ICLS), further improving the industrial supporting system of the park.