Industry-driven Development

Release date: 2020-09-29 16:43 Source: Xi'an International Land Port Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd.

The "international open channel + port + trade" mode has become a feature and symbol of Xi'an CRE trains and has become an important force driving Shaanxi to build the Belt and Road and Xi'an international open channel. Increasingly obvious operation benefits and industrial agglomeration effects brought about by Xi'an CRE trains have been shown.

1. Outstanding market benefits have been achieved due to the operation of CRE trains

Since Xi'an CRE trains are put into operation, while continuing to operate the routes from Xi'an to Hamburg, Kouvola, Budapest, and Central Asia, Xi'an continues to open new routes from Xi'an to Gothenburg, striving to cover all regions in Europe. The Port of Xian has witnessed obvious effects as an international logistics supply distribution center, with the distribution of characteristic products such as e-commerce, grain, meat, complete vehicles, vegetables, and fruits already realized.

2. Remarkable industrial agglomeration effects have been shown

The operation of Xi'an CRE trains, together with the combined functions of the Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the Multi-modal Transport Supervision Center of Xi'an Customs District P.R.China, and the Grain Port, Meat Port, and Vehicle Port of the Port of Xi'an, has greatly facilitated the aggregation and development of characteristic industries in northwest regions and enhanced the industrial aggregation effect of the Port of Xi'an.