Development Direction

Release date: 2020-09-29 16:43 Source: Xi'an International Land Port Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd.

1. The continuous and stable shipment of CRE Chang'an trains can give full play to the role of Xi'an as the inland geographical center, greatly reducing the logistics cost and time cost of enterprises and the comprehensive logistics cost nationwide.

2. Xi'an, relying on the station bearing railroad containerized traffic, the comprehensive bonded zone, and the highway port, is able to build an integrated logistics development pattern. In particular, based on the policy advantages of Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone, special customs supervision zone, and free trade area, as well as the construction and operation of multi-modal transport demonstration projects, the CRE train operation efficiency can be greatly improved.

3. At present, Xi'an has cooperated with various coastal ports to develop trains with "five fixed characteristics" in China, namely the fixed loading place, fixed route, fixed train, fixed time (arrival and departure), and fixed transportation price. Xi'an has cooperated with Qingdao, Xiamen, Ningbo, and other coastal ports to undertake their needs of shipment to Europe. The efforts, while making use of the strengths of sea-rail intermodal logistics channels to realize the transfer of coastal industries, have further reduced the international logistics costs of enterprises in inland China.