Port-vicinity Trade

Release date: 2020-09-29 14:05 Source: Xi'an International Land Port Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd.

1. Vigorously develop trade in bulk. Relying on the advantages of ports and channels and the innovative advantages of free trade zones, efforts are made to carry out the international bulk commodity trade dominated by grain, grease, meat, industrial, and mining and promote the aggregation and trade development of bulk commodity sources in the port area. In terms of the trade of grain and oil, it has achieved long-term and stable business cooperation with Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Russia, and other countries; in terms of the trade of meat, it has cooperated with such countries as Australia, Chile, and Spain in beef and pork trade. In terms of industrial and mining energy, by extending the upstream and downstream industry chains, and participating in the full industry chain trade of coal, iron ore, steel and other products, it will promote the gradual integration of "Xi'an Port" into the world economic and trade system.

2. Develop retail channel business flexibly. Relying on the cross-border e-commerce pilot platform of Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone and the channel advantages brought by CRE Chang'an international freight train, ITL E-commerce built the cross-border online shopping platform "www.iesroad.com" and launched the Ulife Xi'an ITL Imported Goods Direct-Sale Store to provide optional platformsfor imported goods' distribution and retail. By virtue of Xi’an Port's role as a window of foreign trade, it has built an exhibition and trade center for import and export commodities, which aims at realizing the “global trade that benefits the world”.