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Release date: 2020-09-29 14:05 Source: Xi'an International Land Port Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd.

With Xi'an Port as the core and China Railway Express (Chang'an) and multi-modal transportation as the carrier, the "Train with Five Mosts" has been formed, that is, the most optimal transportation efficiency, the highest level of intelligence, the widest radiation area, the most comprehensive service categories, and the lowest comprehensive costs. China Railway Express (Chang'an) has operated 15 international railway freight lines, reaching 44 countries and regions in Eurasia. In 2020, 3,720 trains were operated, 1.7 times the number in 2019, transporting a total of 2.811 million tons of goods, 1.6 times that of 2019. Among them, there were 2,726 trains bound for Europe (1,415 outbound and 1,311 return) and 994 trains bound for Central Asia, ranking first in the country in terms of operating volume, loaded container rate, and freight volume, and achieving the highest quality evaluation for China Railway Express (CRE).


Taking the construction of the CRE (Xi'an) Collaboration Center as an opportunity, ITL Group has cooperated with coastal port cities such as Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanghai, and Shenzhen to operate rail-sea intermodal transportation, seamlessly connecting with "port hubs". It has cooperated with Xiangyang, Shijiazhuang, and other "production service hubs" and "commerce and trade service hubs" to open international freight trains such as "Xiangyang-Xi'an-Europe" and "Hebei-Xi'an-Europe" that are assembled and transferred from Xi'an, creating a global logistics network centered on Xi'an. Westwards, it crosses the Mediterranean Sea to connect China with Africa through sea-rail intermodal transportation. Eastwards, it bridges coastal ports like Qingdao and Shanghai, crossing the Pacific to connect China with America and Oceania. Northwards, it connects the Mongolia-China-Russia economic corridor through Manzhouli and Erenhot. Southwards, it is connected with the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, serving ASEAN countries and even the world through rail-sea and road-sea intermodal transportation. The integrated multi-modal transportation channels significantly enhance the efficiency of logistics activities centered around the ITL hub. Taking the eastward sea-rail intermodal transportation channel as an example, people had to queue up at coastal ports for customs declaration from Melbourne Port of Australia to Xi'an before reaching their destinations by railway. Through sea-rail intermodal transportation, goods no longer need to make unnecessary stops at seaports and go directly to Xi'an Port, shortening the delivery time by half and greatly reducing logistics and warehousing costs.


ITL’s LCL Practice

BOZ Logistics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITL Group, leverages information technology as a key driver for integrating domestic and international platforms and channel resources of sea transport, air transport, highway transport, warehousing, and customs clearance. By doing so, the company delivers customized and professional logistics solutions, along with comprehensive door-to-door transportation services to its customers.


I. Introduction to the LCL Center

The LCL Center for China Railway Express (Chang’an), approved by Xi’an Customs District P.R.China on February 7, 2022, is the first export LCL supervision and operation site for rail transportation in China. It started day-to-day operation in March 2022. LCL Center (Phase I) is located in the A2 warehouse of the Xi’an Comprehensive Bonded Zone and encompasses a total area of approximately 6,000 square meters together with the proposed Phase II. The center is designed with five functional areas: cargo handling area, temporary storage area, containerizing area, holding area, and inspection area. Covered by a comprehensive 360° monitoring system and seamlessly integrated with the customs supervision system, the center is under 24-hour monitoring.


II. Three Advantages of the LCL Center

1. New Mode of LCL Practice. By innovatively implementing the "customs declaration before containerization" approach for bulk cargo, the center effectively resolves the challenges associated with "customs inspection and container rejection". This approach eliminates the economic and time costs resulting from the secondary container emptying caused by inspections.

2. High Degree of Information. The innovative LCL system connected with the intelligent supervision system of the Customs enables online operation from bulk cargo entry, cargo handling, delivery and transmission, customs clearance and inspection to the application for crating, locking, and transferring.

3. Efficient Customs Clearance. The utilization of intelligent electronic locks enables automated supervision of the "last one kilometer" from the LCL Center to the railway container center. This process allows for "direct loading on arrival", significantly improving customs clearance time.


BOZ Logistics consistently optimizes its service system and modes in all aspects. Building upon the foundation of the LCL Center for China Railway Express (Chang’an), the company capitalizes on the advantages of comprehensive bonded warehouses, customs-supervised warehouses, and LCL information systems. By opening LCL routes to strategic destinations such as Hamburg, Warsaw, Duisburg, Milan, Vilnius, Budapest, Moscow, the Czech Republic, Romania, and London, the company ensures stable, reliable, and efficient LCL services for its customers.

Full-time Schedule Express LCL

The Full-time Schedule Express LCL is another outstanding railway LCL product launched by BOZ Logistics. It combines the advantages associated with "customs clearance before containerization" and full-time schedule China Railway Express (Chang’an). This product offers a compelling solution for expedited export of bulk cargoes to Europe, significantly reducing logistics costs while matching air transportation in terms of timeliness.


Full-time schedule trains run in strict accordance with the standards of dwell time at border stations, and priority is given to their formation, trailer transport, and departure. The move effectively shortens the operation time of all links of the China Railway Express service, reduces the invalid dwell time related to reloading at port stations, ensures that the service of each section is completed according to the handover date/time and specified train number, and improves the service quality of China Railway Express in the whole journey and their market competitiveness. The operation of domestic and overseas full-time schedule trains will continue to promote the higher-quality development of China Railway Express (Chang’an), further deepen economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, and promote the integrated development of transport, logistics, commerce and trade, industry, finance, culture, and other factors.

Through comprehensive testing and integration, we now operate regular full-time schedule express LCL routes to Domburg and Hamburg running at two outbound trains and one inbound train per week, each taking about 12 days.

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